Saturday, August 13, 2011


Every great sales person in the world knows how to work their leads. For all you new time salesman, a lead is a person or businesses info that u somehow get by either cold calling, networking, or thru a website or company such as your job is to pitch your product to the group of leads you have and covince them in to purchasing the goods or services you are offering. Leads are the hardest customers to close because of the fact that they don't come looking for what you are selling. YOU have to be the one to convince then that they need your product. The best way to approach leads is in a calm and collective manner. You don't want to go in to more aggressive selling until you feel that they are truly interested in your product. If they turn down your offer, its alright because not everyone is going to buy. Just save their info, tell them ull give them time to think about it, and move on to the next lead. You'll probably get nine nos until u get one yes. The goal is to get as many sales as possible. Over time, you will learn to master your selling skills by working as many leads as you can and will see your numbers increase. WORK YOUR LEADS.

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